Celebrating the Kanthal story

What would modern society be like without electric heating technology? Looking back at 90 years in the heating business, we feel proud that our products and solutions have been part in shaping the industry and the society as we know it today. Join us on a tour through the past and into the future!

The stunning development we have seen since the 1930s would not have happened without new ideas, research and innovative products and solutions. Kanthal was first built on the innovative Kanthal® FeCrAl alloy that changed how electric heating could be used. Since then, we have continued to launch new materials and solutions for heating and heat treatment to the market.

Below, you can learn more about three game-changing innovations.

From past to present

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Kanthal has a long heritage dating back to 1931 when it was founded by engineer Hans von Kantzow. The Kanthal name was derived from Kantzow (Kant) and the Swedish town of Hallstahammar (Hal) where AB Kanthal was started and continues to have its headquarters.

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Join a welcoming workplace committed to employee learning. At Kanthal we combine robust research and customer care to drive development and work towards green goals such as electrification.

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Sustainable business

We will lead the shift in our industry and build a successful long-term business that advances the world through engineering.

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